Just Dazzling Tiles And No Stains

Thanks for giving just stain-free dazzling tiles with your quality tile cleaning services. I was very happy to know that no chemicals were used during the process. The floors took terrific now!

Josh Walsh

Cleaner Tiles at Low Price

My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne delivers an unbelievable tile cleaning service at such a low price. No doubt they are a preferred choice of thousands of customers and we are just one of them.

Patrick Mckenna

An Overall Amazing Experience

I got a call the day before from My Home Tile Cleaner to reconfirm the appointment and then they called again the morning of the appointment to see if it was okay if they arrived on time. The cleaners were nicely dressed in a uniform, were neat and highly professional. The whole process took only about an hour. And the results were just WOW. My tiles were shining as if I had got new tiles.

- Tomas Holata

Quick and Amazing Tile Cleaning

I had moved into a new home in the Southern Melbourne last week and on moving in I found that the grouts were very disgustingly dirty. I tried cleaning them using a brush and solution but it was a useless activity. I could not think of getting down on my knees and hands to clean it because the entire moving affair had already got the better of me. So I thought of searching for some local cleaners and found My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne. I made an appointment for the next day and was expecting that someone would come to inspect and provide a quote on the scheduled day and would come back again some other day to do the cleaning. But to my surprise a team of 3 people arrived fully equipped and ready to do the job. On my consent to their reasonable quote, they started the work. My whole family could see the difference once the team was done with the cleaning. It was like night and day. They did the entire thing in less than 2 hours. So if you got filthy tiles and grouts, just call these guys! –

Dyan Lumbroso

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