High Pressure Cleaning

Professional High Pressure Cleaning

Your home and office exterior is what guests and clients first notice. Most of it is observable from neighbours’ yards and street. High pressure cleaning the exterior of your property effectively can make a huge impact to visitors’ overall impression.

  • It is not simply about other people see though. Dirty grime and run marks on the walls of your property can create permanently stains on your paintwork.
  • Those barbeque oil stains can damage your patio concrete. And why make your young children play on dirty pavement anyway?
  • The mould and moss on your garden wall can damage mortar joints and the facia.
  • Cobwebs and spider webs give your house an old and dirty look. They also act as breeding grounds for pesky little pests.
  • Algae and moss can make storm water pipes and gutters rust more quickly.

To put in simply, you don’t maintain the exterior of your homes and offices just for better appearance. High pressure cleaning makes your property safer, brighter, and healthier; and keeps your homes – your most valued investment – in well and long lasting condition.

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We provide following varieties of high pressure cleaning services:

High Pressure Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaning

Outdoor Commercial and Residential Pressure Cleaning

Our commercial and residential pressure cleaning services extend beyond just walls of your house and pavements and concrete.

At My Home Tile Cleanerour experts have training and experience in using high pressure for cleaning outdoor furniture, fountains, wooden decks, louvre systems, planter pots, and much more. We can pressure clean everything that forms a part of your alfresco lifestyle.

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Pressure Cleaning Services
Pressure Cleaning Services

Pre-Sale Home Pressure Cleaning

Are you planning on selling your house? Don’t forget, ‘First impressions is the last impression’. You will need to do more than praise to influence your potential buyers. Your house must show that “proud to live here” appearance to buyers.

Additionally, a clean and shining home also increases the worth of house. You will get much better value by hiring pressure cleaning services.

My Home Tile Cleaner technicians specialize in all-round outdoor cleaning of your on sale property. Garden walls, fences, eaves, walls, carports, patios, paths, and driveways. We can even clean rooftops and gutters.

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