Concrete Sealing

Why Professional Concrete Sealing?

After the concrete slab has been cured, poured out, and hardened, the covering surface has been decided and smeared, the question still remains, whether to use concrete sealant or not. Your answer should always be yes! Concrete sealing is the only way to protect your concrete surfaces and keep them groovy.

  • If the floor and surface of your warehouse has been polished, a coating of concrete sealing will protect the floor. If your commercial building has many decorative concrete designs a concrete sealant will help you lock in the colour in it.
  • Decorative concrete surfaces require periodical resealing to lock in their colour, protect their structure, and maintain the lustrous appearance. Once our experts at My Home Tile Cleaner install a new concrete sealer, they further treat it with acrylic sealant to make the surface easier to maintain and clean.
  • My Home Tile Cleaner recommends resealing concrete floors every five or ten years depending on the type of sealant used. Concrete sealers work by jamming the pores in concrete surfaces. This gives it a defensive layer which prevents dirt and dust from embedding in the surface. It also helps in maintaining more uniform look.
Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing

Types of Concrete Sealing Services

My Home Tile Cleaner provides twos type of concrete sealing services –

  • Topical sealants; they act as coatings on the surface of concrete and
  • Penetrating sealants; these are proactive solutions which penetrate the surface of concrete and make it stronger from inside.

Topical Concrete Sealants

Topical sealants provide concrete surfaces protection from chemicals and stains. They improve the outside appearance of polished and dyed concrete surfaces. These concrete sealers require dry and clean surfaces before application to get a good grip.

The useful life of topical sealers is usually two to five years, with polyurethane and epoxy sealers lasting a bit longer.

Penetrating Concrete Sealants

Penetrating sealants can be applied on damp concrete surfaces. They must be properly coordinated with substance absorbency to efficiently penetrate the concrete surface.

The chemical reaction in these sealants bond reactive matters in it with the concrete surface and prevents moisture from penetrating.

Professional Concrete Sealing
Professional Concrete Sealing

Cost of Professional Concrete Sealing Services

We understand that your budget is an influent factor in this decision making process. While choosing between topical or penetrating concrete sealing, you should always consider the following factors:

  • The most important factor is cost of material. Penetrating sealants cost twice as much to make than topical sealants. So they are bound to be a lot more expensive.
  • Another vital factor is labour cost. Though the application step takes the same amount of time for both sealants, you will have to repair and replace topical sealants more often than the penetrating sealant.

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