4 Ways to Keep Your Tiles Away from Mold & Mildew

By | June 8, 2022

Molds and mildews are every homeowner’s problem that needs to be dealt with properly. Mildew is a common allergy causing a lot of inconveniences in the living spaces. It’s better to deal with them whenever possible. Preventing the growth of mildew involves Tile Cleaning. It is all about controlling the moisture in your home. So, avoiding mold and mildew is always related to the growth of moisture. Where there is more moisture, there will be the growth of fungi. So, if you maintain your tile life & value always take care of them by damaging from mould growth.

You can’t make your home mould-proof, so the only way is to keep your tiles away from the same.

Keep Your Tiles Away from Mold

Ways to Keep Mildew Away from Homes

  1. Try to build mould-resistant buildings

When choosing the building materials, don’t choose the ones where the molds can grow quickly. Use metals wherever possible to kill any bacteria breeding on the buildings. While making roofs, consider algae, fungi, and bacteria-resistant ones. 

  1. Ventilate properly

If there is poor ventilation in the homes, there will be mold problems there. Tile Cleaning is necessary to remove the mildew from your homes. Further, keep the bathrooms and kitchens properly ventilated. See that moisture doesn’t get a chance to grow there. Also, check out the attics properly. Keep the bathroom doors open to create dry surfaces. 

  1. Fixing all the leaks

If there is any leak in the homes, the problem of molds will arise. You won’t be able to protect the tiles at any cost. Tile Cleaning might not be effective in this case too. If there is any leak, it should be taken care of right away. Leaks can cause floods and a whole array of issues.

Larger leaks might lead to water damage restorations. So, you have to be extra careful when it comes to tiles. Some tiles are porous. Coming in contact with molds will create a lot of health problems. 

  1. Allow fresh air to come inside

Open windows are a great way of ventilation too. It helps in lowering the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So, the moisture levels tend to come down. C02 mostly builds up in places where people spend most of their time. 

Fresh air helps in cleaning the damp areas while reducing the odor. You should open the windows for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will also provide natural ventilation in your homes. 

There are some moisture-absorbing chemicals too like silica gel, alumina, etc. It helps in absorbing any excess moisture forming in the rooms. Tile cleaning should be done regularly using a dry cloth and soap. You can add warm water while cleaning it. But to stop molds from growing, removing moisture is a must. 

All rooms in your homes not receiving direct sunlight should be given special attention. Molds are dangerous to your health. So, always keep your tiles away from mold by taking the help of experts.


The growth of molds and mildew is not good at all. It can damage furniture and other important things in your home. Be careful when you see the growth of molds. Take attention and try to remove it as early as possible. Hire a certified tile & grout cleaning company in Brisbane to get rid of mould with an easy & safe cleaning process.