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Tile And Grout Cleaning Canterbury 3126, Victoria

My Home Tile Cleaner provide professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Canterbury 3126 service. Our service includes tile cleaning, tile stripping and sealing & tile re-grouting.

My home Tile Cleaners is team of professional Melbourne based tile care specialist. Our tile cleaners are expert in tile Cleaning, tile grout cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping and tile regrouting & Cleaning

We cover all areas within 70 km of Melbourne, we work all 7 days including weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

Our services in Canterbury 3126 include:

  1. Tile Cleaning
  2. Tile Grout Cleaning
  3. Tile Sealing
  4. Tile Stripping
  5. Tile Regrouting

My Home Tile Cleaner for Complete Tile and Grout Solutions

Are you finding easy ways to clean your tiles and grout? Do you think they need rigorous scrubbing and cleaning? Are you being fired by your guests or friends for the same? Well, you are at the right place. We are just the right people to help you with complete tile and grout solutions. Cleaning, repairing, sterilizing, stain removal, and polishing – we do it all! We have customized plans for different requirements.

 High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning

Our Tile Cleaning Process

With over a decade of experience in tile cleaning, My Home Tile Cleaner Canterbury 3126 knows how best to clean your tiles. Tiles need proper scrubbing with strong solutions and we understand that you neither have the time or experience to do so. And why should you when we are here to help you out? We follow a comprehensive cleaning process to ensure your tiles become as clean as new. Here is a peek into the process:

  1. Pre-Grout Cleaning – We apply alkaline based detergents on the surface for almost half an hour to loosen up any kind of grease, soil, or contaminants. This helps in complete stain removal.
  2. Turbo Rinse – Our professionals use pressure heated water to rinse tiles and grout. Water does the magic here and our trained technicians know how to control the pressure so that none of other stuff gets wet in the process.
  3. High Pressure Cleaning – The best part of our tile cleaning process is high pressure cleaning.

No matter how much money you spend on the quality of tiles, they are bound to get dirty after some time. The more you neglect them, the harder it becomes to clean them. Hire the professionals certified cleaners from My Home Tile Cleaner Canterbury 3126 to protect your tiles.

Home Tile Cleaning Canterbury 3126

Tile regrouting & Vinyl stripping


We are one of the most experienced tile cleaners in Canterbury 3126. We offer complete tile and grout solutions for your residential as well as commercial requirements. Our services include:

  1. Tile and Grout cleaning
  2. Tile stripping
  3. Tile Stain removal
  4. Tile sealing
  5. High pressure cleaning
  6. Tile regrouting
  7. Tile repair
  8. Vinyl stripping
  9. Vinyl sealing
  10. Concrete cleaning
Pool Tile Cleaning Canterbury 3126

Pool Tile Cleaning Canterbury 3126

We have expertise in making your tiles look sparkling with our exclusive cleaning services. We can clean all of the following locations:

  1. Bathrooms Tile and Grout cleaning
  2. Swimming pools Tile and Grout cleaning
  3. Kitchen Tile and Grout cleaning
  4. Office Tile and Grout cleaning
  5. Homes Tile and Grout cleaning
  6. Terrace Tile and Grout cleaning
  7. Showers Tile and Grout cleaning
  8. Hospitals Tile and Grout cleaning
  9. Restaurants Tile and Grout cleaning

You name it and we do it! Our expert cleaners are equipped with the right training and material to handle all such kinds of tile cleaning. Just give us a call and talk to our executives to plan your tile cleaning expedition at an affordable cost!

Tile Regrouting Canterbury 3126

Home Tile stripping & Tile sealing

My Home Tile Cleaner Advantages

Being a customer you always have a right to ask why you should choose our services. Well putting in simplest form, you get various advantages by hiring My Home Tile Cleaner Canterbury 3126.

  1. Flawless Tile Cleaning – Our qualified, trained and certified cleaners provide speck-less tile cleaning for all sorts of tiles. We understand that different treatments are required for different kinds of tiles. With us, your tiles are 100% safe whether be it of ceramic, porcelain, slate, limestone, marble, terracotta, travertine, terrazzo, granite, and vinyl times.
  2. Precise pricing – We know how important and essential cleaning tiles is to your life. Therefore, we ensure that our tile cleaning services do not become a burden for you. We offer our services at a very affordable and competitive price in Canterbury 3126. You can save more by combining two or more services together. Call us to find out more.
  3. Emergency Service – We understand that there could be an emergency for tile cleaning and so we provide same day and emergency cleaning services to our loved customers. All it takes is a call from you.
  4. Ecological Methods – Human beings have already produced enough trash for the coming generations. We love to avoid adding to it. Thus, we use only eco-friendly methods and chemical – free detergents that are hard on tiles but mild on environment.
  5. Insured and Certified Cleaners – Our cleaners dont do their job just for the sake of it but they love to bring a surprising smile on our customers face. All our technicians are certificated and insured which makes us boast of our biggest asset. And they ensure that our tile cleaning services meet your expectations.
  6. Complete Tile Solution – There are things that go unnoticed with a naked eye but our professionals have a sharp eye to catch even the minute stains and breakage. Our technicians do a pre-cleaning survey of the area to be cleaned and let you know if any tile repairing is also required. And they take care of that repair with your permission.
Tile Stain Removal Canterbury 3126

Tile Stain Removal Canterbury 3126

Lastly, before our technicians leave your place they ensure to sterile and polish the tiles to make them look gleaming and pristine. You will be surprised with the air of freshness that you will feel once the complete cleaning process is done.
Call the experts from My Home Tile Cleaner in Canterbury 3126 for a free quote now!

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Delivering Sparkling Floors

My Home Tile Cleaner delivers sparkling floors by dealing in excellent tile and grout cleaning services all across Melbourne. We are specialists of restoring your tiles and grouts in the best possible way at the lowest possible prices. We have the necessary tools, techniques, manpower, and cleaning solutions to give that special touch to your tiles. What’s more? We even provide tile stripping, tile repair, tile sealing, grout crack repairs, grout recolouring, and grout sealing services.

Floors add to the décor of your room – be it at home or office. They add that special charm to the bathrooms, kitchens, driveways, patios, and terraces. This is one of your most expensive investments that is bound to get dirty and infested with bacteria and germs over a period of time. Just like your bed linen, your tiles and grouts need to be cleaned regularly. However, your regular homely cleaning methods may not be sufficient enough to provide the level of cleaning the floors require. So it is advisable to get professional help.

Our Tile Cleaning Process

Let’s see how our technicians clean your tiles and give them a new like look:

  1. Floors come in different variants. So first of all our tile experts inspect the floor and choose the most suitable cleaning solution for them.
  2. This chosen cleaning solution is then evenly applied on the floors to eradicate not just dirt and soil but all hidden contaminants as well. The tough stains are treated at this stage.
  3. Then comes the most important step of scrubbing, washing, and rinsing of the tiles. Here we employ the most effective hot water extraction method.
  4. Once the cleaning is done, we use industry level vacuums to extract all water making sure that no moisture content is left behind once the job is done. We aim to deliver fast drying so that you can use the floors as soon as possible.

Replacin1g floors can be quite expensive so to avoid spending that much money, it is better to get your floors absolutely cleaned. Call our experts today and extend the life of your floors!

Gleaming Tiles

5 5 1
My tiles are gleaming as if I have just got them replaced. They look beautiful and the credit goes to your professional cleaners. Thanks for a great tile and grout cleaning service.

great same day service

5 5 1
Fantastic service and price I needed tile and grout cleaned urgently. I rang my home tile cleaner and they came within the hour as promised and the job was completed with fantastic results.

Discounted Rates for Tile Cleaning

5 5 1
We got our tiles & grout cleaned for our bathroom, terrace area, kitchen, and shower area. And because we combined more than two services, we got a special discount for the same. The cleaning results exceeded our expectations and now we are planning to use their other cleaning services

Polished Tiles and Grouts

5 5 1
Our kitchen area got a brand new look by using the experienced tile and grout cleaning services offered by My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne. I am happy with the results. – Leon

Economical Grout Recoloring

5 5 1
My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne have certified cleaners who are experts in grout recoloring. I had a light colored flooring in my shower area but after 10 years of usage it got so dirty that it could not cleaned. So these people advised to go for recoloring of the grouts and I did that. Now my shower area looks brand new and it feels as if I have replaced the whole floor. Thanks to you!

Good Tile Cleaning Experience

5 5 1
It was overall a good experience with My Home Tile Cleaner. They were efficient and delivered professional service. They know how to handle different kinds of tiles, which is a plus point as they don’t treat each tile in the same manner. Highly recommended!

Beautiful Tile Sealing

4 5 1
My wife is very impressed with the quality service delivered by My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne. We got a beautiful sealing service. Even the sealant was chosen so wisely among the two sealants they had. These guys are true professionals.

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