Tile And Grout Cleaning The Patch

By | December 21, 2018

Tiles occupy a large area of our home. They attract most of the attention, when a guest walks in. Discolored tiles can make your home look old and dirty. Hence, having neat and tidy tiles is necessary to maintain the charm of your home. Cleaning tiles can however be a painful task. It not only requires efforts but can also waste a lot of time. But you don’t need to worry anymore. My Home Tile Cleaner is a well-established name in terms of tile and grout cleaning, The Patch. We have a highly efficient team of cleaners who are certified and trained enough to take care of floor tile cleaning, indoor tile cleaning, outdoor tile cleaning, grout sealing etc. We aim at restoring the charm of your tiles. Our cleaners not only use state of the art technology but also take apt measures to take care of your tiles in the best possible manner.

Tile And Grout Cleaning  The Patch

Tile And Grout Cleaning The Patch

How regular cleaning of tiles is useful and how you can achieve regular tile and grout cleaning, The Patch

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regular cleaning of tiles is necessary to keep your home allergen free and free from contaminants. Rooms which are full of moisture such as the washrooms are usually more prone to germs and dirty tiles. This can lead to diseases apart from giving your living spaces a dirty look. Hence, it becomes necessary to clean your tiles and grouts at a regular interval. Regular floor maintenance increases the longevity of your tiles. It decreases the risk of health hazards and keeps your floor in good condition. My Home Tile Cleaner is famous for its tile and grout cleaning, The Patch services. They are available 24*7*365, even on public holidays and weekends. We reduce the risk or floor renovation by keeping your tiles and grouts in a perfect condition. Hence, be it tile cleaning, tile sealing, grout recaulking or tile sealing, we can make it all happen.

The procedure My Home Tile Cleaner follows

  1. Thorough tile and grout inspection.
  2. Determining the type of cleaning chemicals and equipment.
  3. Steam cleaning or high-pressure cleaning of tiles and grouts.
  4. Giving the tiles a fresh dry look.
  5. Sealing all the tiles and grouts.
  6. Sanitization of tiles and grouts to ensure they stay germ and hence allergen free.
  7. Re inspecting the tiles to ensure they are super clean and tidy.
Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Instant Tile and Grout cleaning, The Patch

If you are looking for a reliable tile and grout cleaning service in The Patch, then you have clicked just on the right link. As soon as we receive your query, it becomes our top priority to get in touch with you. We make sure that we fulfill your demands to the best of our ability. We deal in all types of tile cleaning services such as marble tile cleaning, terracotta tile cleaning, granite tile cleaning, sandstone tile cleaning etc. Our experts are just a phone call away. As soon as you make the call, you will find our cleaner at your door step in no time. We value your time and money. Hence, we give our best to ensure your satisfaction from our services. You can expect to get your tiles and grouts cleaned the same day itself when you make a call on our 1300 660 487.

Marble Restoration Services The Patch

My Home Tile Cleaners is known the efficient team it possesses that delivers complete care and solution for your tiles and stones. Besides tile cleaning tiles, we are also capable of restoring your marble floors from the regular tear and wear. We can remove the dirt and stains from the marble flooring and make it look glittering once again. Apart from marble, we can clean almost all kinds of stones such as granite, sandstone, limestone, bluestone, terrazzo tiles, terracotta tiles and more. What else? The affordable prices. We offer the best services for your tile and marble restoration, the most competitive prices in The Patch.

One stop destination for all your Tile and Grout cleaning, The Patch

You don’t need to get in touch with different vendors as we take care of it all. Tiles and grouts are in every part of your home. These are the areas we take care of:-

  • Showers tile cleaning.
  • Outdoor tile cleaning.
  • Bathroom floors and wall tile cleaning.
  • Countertop tile cleaning.
  • Kitchen floor and wall tile cleaning.
  • Home front wall tile cleaning.

The surfaces we cover

  • Decks.
  • Windows.
  • Patios.
  • Stone surfaces.
  • Tiled Walls.
  • Driveways.
Pool Tile Cleaning  The Patch

Pool Tile Cleaning The Patch

Even if tiles are clean, it is the grouts which create most of the trouble. Grouts are not just extremely difficult to clean but also requires patience. It can easily catch stains, dirt and dust which can accumulate in the tiny crevices of the grout. It requires up to date equipment along with best chemicals to deep clean grouts. My Home Tile Cleaner is an expert in tile and grout cleaning, The Patch. So, worry no more and send them a query to get rid of not just dirt, dust but also all types of allergens and contaminants from your grouts.

Services we offer – Tile and Grout Cleaning, The Patch

We have an expertise in all kinds of tile and grout cleaning services. Our wide area of network covers not just The Patch but the whole of Australia. You can always rely on us for any kind of service related to tile and grout cleaning in The Patch. Some of the services we offer are as follows:-

  • Tile sealing:

    Sealing tiles especially those which are porous becomes necessary to keep their quality intact. It prevents stains from forming a strong hold over the tiles. Tile sealing procedure creates a barrier which acts as a protection. It preserves the tile from contaminants, dirt, chemical attack and deterioration. Tile sealing is a worthy investment to protect your tiles in the long run. Our expert cleaners have thorough knowledge about the tile sealing procedure.

  • Grout and tile cleaning:

    Our experts use specialized products which are not only highly efficient but are also environment-friendly. They combine their expert knowledge and skills to give you best results. Hence, we have a highly dedicated team who takes care of all types of tile and grout cleaning in The Patch.

  • Tile Stripping:

    A proper tile sealing along with cleaning and scrubbing is vital to restoring the newness of tiles. Our experts use their expertise to bring the desired results in no time. They have all the necessary equipment to carry out the tile stripping procedure in most efficient manner.

  • Regrouting of tiles

    Dirty grouts can destroy the look of your tiles instantly making them appear not just dull but shabby too. Grouting can improve the appearance of your tiles by filling them with a new material and fillings. Regrouting negates the necessity of replacing the tiles leaving your tiled area looking clean and hence nice.

  • Tile Repairs

    Cracks, chips, and lines can easily develop in the tiles. You do not need to replace all your tiles and spend a huge amount of money when you have us by your side. We also inform you which all tiles need replacement and also take care of tiles which have become loose.

  • High pressure (Jet wash) tile cleaning:

    Tiles can become slippery over time. Tiles which are hard or rough are usually not easy to clean. But with our jet wash procedure, you can get any type of tiles absolutely clean. From concrete, driveways, pathways to patios we take care of all the outdoor tiles in an efficient manner. The high pressure helps in getting rid of all the stains and contaminants from the tiles.

  • Tile polishing:

    We use a highly efficient diamond disc polishing machine to give your tiles not just an ultra-shiny look but improved quality too. Polishing makes your tiles reflect more light hence reducing the appearance of scratches on the tiles. We cover tile polishing at a very affordable price under our tile and grout cleaning, The Patch

  • Stone Grinding

    Grinding not just helps in getting rid of lippage but also brings out a new layer which is ultra-smooth and new. It thus helps remove all the scratches and impurities from the tiles.

  • Tile honing

    We give your tiles a satin free, velvety look which looks beautiful to the eyes. Honing the tiles gives them a very nice texture while maintaining the original look. Our experts have in depth knowledge about perfect tile honing procedure.

  • Efflorescence treatment

    Salt deposits on your tiles and grouts can make your home look dirty. Efflorescence deposits can be easily removed with the help of proper equipment and techniques. Our experts have a sound knowledge about the procedure and can give your tiles a look which not only feels new but fresh too.

Hence, My Home Tile Cleaner is your one stop destination for all kinds of services related to tile and grout cleaning, The Patch. Give us a chance to impress you with our services and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Tile Stain Removal  The Patch

Tile Stain Removal The Patch

Satisfactory services at an affordable price:

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We value your hard earned money and try our best to serve you in a manner you will be happy paying for. We never compromise with the quality and use only best equipment along with Eco friendly chemicals to give your tiles a super clean look. 100 % customer satisfaction is what we aim for. We also charge a very nominal price for our services. Hence, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket while availing our services.

Types of tiles we clean

My Home Tile Cleaner is an expert in cleaning all types of tiles and grouts. These are some of the tiles we clean:-

  • Porcelain tiles.
  • Ceramic Tiles.
  • Quarry Tiles.
  • Mosaic tiles.
  • Granite tiles.
  • Marble tiles.
  • Slate tiles.
  • Travertine tiles.
  • Onyx tiles.
  • Sandstone tiles.

Give us a call now and get your tiles and grouts cleaned in no time. Make your home worth living and impress your guests with the cleanliness and shiny look of your tiles.

Customer’s Reviews

”Remarkable Job”

5 5 1
Get hands-on My Home Tile Cleaner for all your grout cleaning need. I was tired of seeing dirty grout all over my kitchen and bath area. I was not able to clean these areas with a mop or a bucket. So, I booked My Home Tile Cleaner services for grout cleaning. They really did a nice job. The team gave me the top quality service and helped me to get rid of all the dissolved dirt, dust, and other greasy substances. Thank you, My Home Tile Cleaner team, for your kind and timely help. They have friendly staff. Their cleaning methods are safe, they deliver the best cleaning services using less scrubbing. I would like to recommend them to everybody. Keep up doing the good work.

”Superb Service”

5 5 1
I want to thanks the team of My Home Tile Cleaner for providing me with wonderful tile cleaning service. I was looking for the best tile cleaning company in Adelaide and then I came across My Home Tile Cleaner . I read their reviews which were really impressive. I finally called them to clean my bathroom tiles. The team is very hardworking and I really liked their work friends. I would love to recommend them to you all. They are very affordable. I feel My Home Tile Cleaner are the masters in making your tiles stain free. They removed all the old stubborn stain from my bathroom tiles. Believe me, they turned my old tiles into a new one. I find them fit for my requirement.

”Best Tile And Grout Cleaning Company”

5 5 1
My Home Tile Cleaner are the best tile and grout cleaning service provider in Canberra. With their tile cleaning services, your tiles will return back to their original finish. They have well-experienced cleaners who can deal with any type of tiles and grouts. I have been using their service for many years and I am fully satisfied with their service. They are very cost-effective. I trust My Home Tile Cleaner cleaners guys for keeping my tile and grout in a good condition for a longer and better life. Thank you My Home Tile Cleaner team for your awesome tile and grout cleaning services. I already recommended you to all my friends and family.

”Skillful Technicians”

5 5 1
My Home Tile Cleaner is a popular name in Brisbane across all the suburbs because of the quality tile and grout cleaning services they provide. They are simply the best with a team that is trustworthy and extremely professional. Their technicians are well trained and skilful to perform any kind of tile and grout cleaning service. They are best in the market. I am so impressed by the technicians of My Home Tile Cleaner that I always choose them. They even guarantee on their tile and grout cleaning service which is the best thing about them. Thank you guys for providing outstanding services. You work is highly appreciable.

”Very Good Service”

5 5 1
I like My Home Tile Cleaner the most. They are providing services to all the suburbs in Melbourne. They provide a cost-effective service. Working with My Home Tile Cleaner was easy and also easy to make an appointment with them. The experts of My Home Tile Cleaner were very friendly and frank. The crew has arrived at a particular time as they said. When we say about their services, it was ultimate. I felt that they have great knowledge about their work. I used many companies before My Home Tile Cleaner and was highly disappointed by them. Then someone recommended me to use the service of My Home Tile Cleaner and the service was too good. I am completely satisfied. Thank you, team. We are clients forever.

great same day service

5 5 1
Fantastic service and price I needed tile and grout cleaned urgently. I rang my home tile cleaner and they came within the hour as promised and the job was completed with fantastic results.

Beautiful Tile Sealing

4 5 1
My wife is very impressed with the quality service delivered by My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne. We got a beautiful sealing service. Even the sealant was chosen so wisely among the two sealants they had. These guys are true professionals.

Good Tile Cleaning Experience

5 5 1
It was overall a good experience with My Home Tile Cleaner. They were efficient and delivered professional service. They know how to handle different kinds of tiles, which is a plus point as they don’t treat each tile in the same manner. Highly recommended!

Gleaming Tiles

5 5 1
My tiles are gleaming as if I have just got them replaced. They look beautiful and the credit goes to your professional cleaners. Thanks for a great tile and grout cleaning service.

Economical Grout Recoloring

5 5 1
My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne have certified cleaners who are experts in grout recoloring. I had a light colored flooring in my shower area but after 10 years of usage it got so dirty that it could not cleaned. So these people advised to go for recoloring of the grouts and I did that. Now my shower area looks brand new and it feels as if I have replaced the whole floor. Thanks to you!

Polished Tiles and Grouts

5 5 1
Our kitchen area got a brand new look by using the experienced tile and grout cleaning services offered by My Home Tile Cleaner Melbourne. I am happy with the results. – Leon

Discounted Rates for Tile Cleaning

5 5 1
We got our tiles & grout cleaned for our bathroom, terrace area, kitchen, and shower area. And because we combined more than two services, we got a special discount for the same. The cleaning results exceeded our expectations and now we are planning to use their other cleaning services

Location: The Patch, Victoria, Australia