Tile and Grout Cleaning Newport

By | August 25, 2019

Tile and grout cleaning Newport. My Home Tile Cleaner is the place, where you can accommodate all your tile restoration and cleaning needs. This is your destination where you can avail the services like grout cleaning, tile stripping, tile and grout recolouring, high-pressure cleaning, tile mould removal, floor polishing and more. Whether you are looking for commercial or home tile cleaning, our professional tile cleaners leave no stone unturned to bring you the desired results for tile and cleaning Newport. Reach out at 1300 660 487 to get free quotes on our services.

Get complete services for tile and grout cleaning and restoration by hiring our professional couch cleaners. The team we work with for tile cleaning is equipped with all necessary tools and cleaning solutions, which help them bring satisfactory results. With our specialised skills and practices, we make an offer with commercial and home tile cleaning in Newport.

  • Same day tile and grout cleaning
  • Family-based local business
  • Restored look of tiles
  • Commercial tile cleaning
  • Newport’s no. 1 tile and grout cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning Newport

Tile and Grout Cleaning Newport

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Newport

Due to the daily wear-tear and usage over a long period of time, the tiles of the house tend to lose their lustre and some cracks often develop in the grout lining. This makes the hold of the tiles loose and also creates a room for the penetration of the moisture in the layers below. Also, the dirty tiles often make you feel disgusted about your own house and its hygiene. Only regular cleaning and proper maintenance can give your tiles the much-needed care to make them long-lasting. However, there are times when your tiled surface demands a thorough cleaning as well. And for that, you need professional tile cleaning services.

Well, My Home Tile Cleaner is at your service. If you are a resident of Newport and are fed up of cleaning your dirty tiles, we are here to your rescue, just a call away. The latest technology and high-power equipment we use make help us deliver you the best results for tile and grout cleaning Newport.

  • With us, you can get rid of tough and ugly stains from your tiles.
  • Our expert tile cleaning services bring the lost lusture of your bathroom kitchen and floor tiles back.
  • Moreover, you can have us over on the same day of booking to get tile and grout cleaning Newport procedure done.

Local Tile and Grout Cleaning Newport

Well, we have gained a pretty fine position and name in the industry due to our special tile restoration services and the key features of the same. The complete package we offer for tile and grout cleaning Newport, bring you the best results with clean and shiny.  Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Tile sanitization

    With pets and kids around in the house, we understand the importance of sterilization of the floors and the walls. This is the main reason as to why after every service we make sure to clean the entire floor or the walls with lukewarm water.

    The warm water kills the leftover germs and bacteria as well. This makes it safer for your kids and pets to easily roam around in the house.

    Tile Sanitization Newport

    Tile Sanitization Newport

  • Walls treatment

    Though this treatment is optional, if you agree with this part, your tiles will retain the shine and lustre for a longer period of time. You don’t have to call in for the cleaning service every now and then, saving a great deal of your money.

  • Comprehensive cleaning process

    We provide cleanliness in step by step manner. Unlike other cleaning services which finish their work just by applying a single step cleaning service. We at My Home Tile Cleaner provide 3 step procedure for tile and grout cleaning Newport. This just leads to no scope for complaint regarding our service.

What Makes Us the Unique Tile Cleaning Company in Newport?

  • We wipe off your tiles

    After washing the entire floor and the walls with lukewarm water, we make sure to wipe the water away from each and every corner so that the floor is not slippery. Slippery floors can lead to accidents.

  • High-end equipment

    The tools and the techniques we use to clean the tiles and repair them is top class. The apparatus used in the entire process is up-to date and function properly as well.

    Unique Tile Cleaning Newport

    Unique Tile Cleaning Newport

  • Available on the go

    Apart from providing offline services, our experts are also available online. There are times when accidental spills take place or the tiles may come out due to the loose hold. In such a scenario, you can immediately call our customer care number and as first aid, you can take our recommendations on how to fix the problem then and there. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and bring you out of all the mess related to the tiles and the grouts.

Our Tile Cleaning Services in Newport

  • Grout colour sealing service

    In the process, we generally apply colour to the disintegrating and the dis-coloured lining of the grouts. It works in two ways. First, it helps to retain the colour of the grout lining, and second, that it acts as a seal for the cracks in the lining of the grout.

  • Grout lining repair

    Secondly, the repairing of the grouts lining. Dirty tiles are nothing as compared to the cracks and the holes developing over the grout lining. Due to this, the holding capacity of the grout lining reduces with time and tiles often come out of their original position, or become loose. We at My home Tile Cleaner have expertise not only in cleaning the tiles but we have experience in fixing/ repairing the grout linings as well.

    Grout Lining Repair

    Grout Lining Repair

Our other tile cleaning and re-grouting services include:

  • Resealing tiles
  • Tile caulking
  • Floor tile cleaning
  • Outdoor tile cleaning
  • Tile stripping
  • Tile polishing
  • High-pressure tile cleaning
  • Tile repair
  • Stone polishing
  • Stone honing
  • Tile recolouring
  • Tile restoration

Our Comprehensive Tile Cleaning Process

  • Pre-inspection

    Our work starts from the moment we get a call or a booking from any of our client. We immediately send two of our teammates to the site for pre-inspection.

  • Vacuum

    Next day, our experts reach the site with all the tools. We start our work with basic vacuuming. This is to make the further cleaning process easier as it swipes out the surface dust and dirt.

  • Stain and spot removal

    Tile and Grout Spot Removal Newport

    Tile and Grout Spot Removal Newport

    Then we move our attention to the stains and the spots. For cleaning the stains and the spots which have become very old, we use a cotton cloth and soak it in an organic solution. The chemical we use is entirely non-toxic and non-hazardous in nature. There are no harmful effects of these.

  • Thorough cleaning

    After we are finished with the cleaning of each and every spot and stain present in every corner, we make sure to clean the floor and the walls. For this, we wash the entire surface of the floor and the walls with lukewarm water.  We use soft brittle brushes or broom as well. It is then left to dry properly for an hour, under a big fan which is provided by our company only.

  • Post-inspection

    A post-inspection of our work finally finishes our service.

Why Hire Us?

Hire My Home Tile Cleaner because:

  • We are local and certified tile cleaners in Newport
  • We house best tile cleaners of Newport
  • We use the latest tools and equipment to clean your tiles on the go
  • All our work is insured and provides 100% satisfaction
  • We provide same day and emergency tile cleaning services
  • All our tile cleaning methods are kids and pets friendly
  • We use organic tile cleaning methods

Try our service once, and we surely won’t disappoint you

Location: Newport, NSW, Australia

Tile And Grout Cleaning Newport

By | August 23, 2019

Unmatchable Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Newport

Are the tiles and the grout lines of your homes are losing their finish or are turning grey? The experienced tile cleaners of My Home Tile Cleaner will make them look new!

Tile And Grout Cleaning Newport

Tile And Grout Cleaning Newport

Tiles of the kitchen and the areas that face continuous splashes of water get dull and thus, with the passage of time, lose their originality. For such dirty tiles, our expert tile cleaners in Newport use our special dual cleaning procedure that makes use of an alkaline cleaner followed by a mild acid cleaner that makes the tiles look new as before.

My Home Tile Cleaner Services in Newport

Dirty grout, stained shower screens and tiles covered with mold? Tiles not only degrade the overall appearance but also spoil the interior décor of the house.

If you are also facing such an unhealthy situation inside the house, simply call My Home Tile Cleaner. We have a solution to every tile problem. Here are a few of our expert tile cleaning services in Newport:

  • Marking and Molding of tiles

    We clean and restore the grout and tile color and make them re-gain their original finish.

  • Replacement of Grout

    My Home Tile Cleaner also replaces the damaged grout if required and color-seal them too.

  • Replacement of Damaged Tiles

    Expert Tile Sealing Services Newport

    Expert Tile Sealing Services Newport

    We also offer replacement of damaged, broken and cracked tiles. We will match the new ones to the older ones such that no one will be able to recognize that there was damage somewhere.

  • Repairing the Sealant

    If the sealant that is present between the tiles has got damaged, then we replace it and apply a new silicon sealant there.

  • Epoxy Grouting

    It is a strong grouting that combines strength and seals against sealing.

  • The makeover of the Exterior Tiles

    The expert tile cleaners in Newport of My Home Tile Cleaner also repair the outdoor grouting and provide treatment for the presence of mold, moss on them because these are the major cause for making the tiles slippery.

  • Tile and Grout Coatings

    We also deal in providing coatings to the tiles and the grout; these get soaked in the pores of the surface and prevent further water, dirt, and oil from entering into the surfaces. We use it on only porous surfaces such as concrete, slate, and sandstone.

    Tile and Grout Coatings

    Tile and Grout Coatings

    For terracotta and plain concrete, we use a natural look sealer that continues to retain their new look.

  • Restoration of Glass

    We also remove any soap and scum from the bath shower screens to make them also look clean and tidy.

  • Our other services include mold inspection, carpet and rug cleaning, hard surface maintenance, jet water pressure cleaning etc.

We Clean All Types of Tiles in Newport

To attain a perfect finish and to clean or restore the tiles to their original look, it is essential to identify the tile and its type. Different types of tiles require different methods of cleaning and sealing. The experienced tile cleaning professionals of My Home Tile Cleaner are experienced and identify the tiles that they are working on. Tiles that we service include:

  • Ceramic Tiles.
  • Marble and Granite Tiles.
  • Porcelain Tiles.
  • Slate Tiles.
  • Terracotta Tiles.
  • Vinyl Floors.
  • Timber and Wooden Floor.

Our Unique Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Tiles and Grout lines with the passage of time become dirty, the simple DIY method makes their cleaning almost impossible. Gone are the days when you had to clean the tiles with detergents and other home-made solutions.

My Home Tile Cleaner with their unique cleaning process will completely renovate your tiles. Go through the cleaning process adopted by our cleaners:

Neat & Clean Tile & Grout Cleaning

Neat & Clean Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • The cleaners start the process by examining the type of the tiles you are having and their layout too. If the area to be cleaned is in the living room, then we move the furniture so that it may not get damaged during cleaning.
  • If it is somewhere inside the bathroom or the kitchen, then we take care that the shower screen and the mirrors are not spoiled during cleaning.
  • Next, any dry soil stuck on the tiles and the grout lines are first removed by gentle scrubbing.
  • A special cleaning solution that suits the surface of the tiles is then applied. The type of cleaning solution used depends on the type and material of the tile.
  • The tiles are then rinsed using high temperature and high pressure steam. The step removes all the embedded dirt and dust within the tile surface efficiently.
  • For quick drying, the surface is then mopped with the help of dry towels.
  • For further drying, the surface is dried with the help of high-speed blowers.

Sealers/Cleaners and other Solvents used by My Home Tile Cleaner

Our professional tile cleaning experts use sealers that penetrate the pores of the tiles and grout, thus making them look original. The resin in the sealers lines the pores and sets a network that does not allow water, oil, and dirt to stick on the tiles, thus making the pores breathable.

The sealer, on the other hand, also prevents the re-staining of the tile surfaces after they are cleaned. The sealers utilized by us use Bio Safe Technology and are environmentally friendly, safe and provide the same degree of penetration as the other petrochemical solvents.

For maintenance and for the sealers to function efficiently, our cleaners use strippers and solvents that are formulated for the longevity of the tiles as well as the sealers.

Choose the Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Company in Newport

Marble Tile Sealing

Marble Tile Sealing

My Home Tile Cleaner has many satisfied customers throughout Newport. There are many reasons why we should be given preference in comparison to others:

  • We do not do our work in a hurry because we are of the view that bigger time slots allow far better results.
  • Our work is owner operated and the cleaners of our company take pride to do their work.
  • We use powerful machines and pressure cleaning to carry out the cleaning procedure.
  • We also use highest quality cleaning solvents that are extremely safe for you and your family members as well as the tiles too.
  • We are not a franchise so we are not restricted to only certain product lines.
  • We offer discounts for empty homes and for combined services.

Call for a quote and get your tiles and grout lines look new as before.

Location: Newport, QLD Australia

Tile And Grout Cleaning Newport

By | December 11, 2018

Tiles occupy a large area of our home. They attract most of the attention, when a guest walks in. Discolored tiles can make your home look old and dirty. Hence, having neat and tidy tiles is necessary to maintain the charm of your home. Cleaning tiles can however be a painful task. It not only requires efforts but can also waste a lot of time. But you don’t need to worry anymore. My Home Tile Cleaner is a well-established name in terms of tile and grout cleaning, Newport. We have a highly efficient team of cleaners who are certified and trained enough to take care of floor tile cleaning, indoor tile cleaning, outdoor tile cleaning, grout sealing etc. We aim at restoring the charm of your tiles. Our cleaners not only use state of the art technology but also take apt measures to take care of your tiles in the best possible manner.

Tile And Grout Cleaning  Newport

Tile And Grout Cleaning Newport

How regular cleaning of tiles is useful and how you can achieve regular tile and grout cleaning, Newport

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regular cleaning of tiles is necessary to keep your home allergen free and free from contaminants. Rooms which are full of moisture such as the washrooms are usually more prone to germs and dirty tiles. This can lead to diseases apart from giving your living spaces a dirty look. Hence, it becomes necessary to clean your tiles and grouts at a regular interval. Regular floor maintenance increases the longevity of your tiles. It decreases the risk of health hazards and keeps your floor in good condition. My Home Tile Cleaner is famous for its tile and grout cleaning, Newport services. They are available 24*7*365, even on public holidays and weekends. We reduce the risk or floor renovation by keeping your tiles and grouts in a perfect condition. Hence, be it tile cleaning, tile sealing, grout recaulking or tile sealing, we can make it all happen.

The procedure My Home Tile Cleaner follows

  1. Thorough tile and grout inspection.
  2. Determining the type of cleaning chemicals and equipment.
  3. Steam cleaning or high-pressure cleaning of tiles and grouts.
  4. Giving the tiles a fresh dry look.
  5. Sealing all the tiles and grouts.
  6. Sanitization of tiles and grouts to ensure they stay germ and hence allergen free.
  7. Re inspecting the tiles to ensure they are super clean and tidy.
Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Instant Tile and Grout cleaning, Newport

If you are looking for a reliable tile and grout cleaning service in Newport, then you have clicked just on the right link. As soon as we receive your query, it becomes our top priority to get in touch with you. We make sure that we fulfill your demands to the best of our ability. We deal in all types of tile cleaning services such as marble tile cleaning, terracotta tile cleaning, granite tile cleaning, sandstone tile cleaning etc. Our experts are just a phone call away. As soon as you make the call, you will find our cleaner at your door step in no time. We value your time and money. Hence, we give our best to ensure your satisfaction from our services. You can expect to get your tiles and grouts cleaned the same day itself when you make a call on our 1300 660 487.

Marble Restoration Services Newport

My Home Tile Cleaners is known the efficient team it possesses that delivers complete care and solution for your tiles and stones. Besides tile cleaning tiles, we are also capable of restoring your marble floors from the regular tear and wear. We can remove the dirt and stains from the marble flooring and make it look glittering once again. Apart from marble, we can clean almost all kinds of stones such as granite, sandstone, limestone, bluestone, terrazzo tiles, terracotta tiles and more. What else? The affordable prices. We offer the best services for your tile and marble restoration, the most competitive prices in Newport.

One stop destination for all your Tile and Grout cleaning, Newport

You don’t need to get in touch with different vendors as we take care of it all. Tiles and grouts are in every part of your home. These are the areas we take care of:-

  • Showers tile cleaning.
  • Outdoor tile cleaning.
  • Bathroom floors and wall tile cleaning.
  • Countertop tile cleaning.
  • Kitchen floor and wall tile cleaning.
  • Home front wall tile cleaning.

The surfaces we cover

  • Decks.
  • Windows.
  • Patios.
  • Stone surfaces.
  • Tiled Walls.
  • Driveways.
Pool Tile Cleaning  Newport

Pool Tile Cleaning Newport

Even if tiles are clean, it is the grouts which create most of the trouble. Grouts are not just extremely difficult to clean but also requires patience. It can easily catch stains, dirt and dust which can accumulate in the tiny crevices of the grout. It requires up to date equipment along with best chemicals to deep clean grouts. My Home Tile Cleaner is an expert in tile and grout cleaning, Newport. So, worry no more and send them a query to get rid of not just dirt, dust but also all types of allergens and contaminants from your grouts.

Services we offer – Tile and Grout Cleaning, Newport

We have an expertise in all kinds of tile and grout cleaning services. Our wide area of network covers not just Newport but the whole of Australia. You can always rely on us for any kind of service related to tile and grout cleaning in Newport. Some of the services we offer are as follows:-

  • Tile sealing:

    Sealing tiles especially those which are porous becomes necessary to keep their quality intact. It prevents stains from forming a strong hold over the tiles. Tile sealing procedure creates a barrier which acts as a protection. It preserves the tile from contaminants, dirt, chemical attack and deterioration. Tile sealing is a worthy investment to protect your tiles in the long run. Our expert cleaners have thorough knowledge about the tile sealing procedure.

  • Grout and tile cleaning:

    Our experts use specialized products which are not only highly efficient but are also environment-friendly. They combine their expert knowledge and skills to give you best results. Hence, we have a highly dedicated team who takes care of all types of tile and grout cleaning in Newport.

  • Tile Stripping:

    A proper tile sealing along with cleaning and scrubbing is vital to restoring the newness of tiles. Our experts use their expertise to bring the desired results in no time. They have all the necessary equipment to carry out the tile stripping procedure in most efficient manner.

  • Regrouting of tiles

    Dirty grouts can destroy the look of your tiles instantly making them appear not just dull but shabby too. Grouting can improve the appearance of your tiles by filling them with a new material and fillings. Regrouting negates the necessity of replacing the tiles leaving your tiled area looking clean and hence nice.

  • Tile Repairs

    Cracks, chips, and lines can easily develop in the tiles. You do not need to replace all your tiles and spend a huge amount of money when you have us by your side. We also inform you which all tiles need replacement and also take care of tiles which have become loose.

  • High pressure (Jet wash) tile cleaning:

    Tiles can become slippery over time. Tiles which are hard or rough are usually not easy to clean. But with our jet wash procedure, you can get any type of tiles absolutely clean. From concrete, driveways, pathways to patios we take care of all the outdoor tiles in an efficient manner. The high pressure helps in getting rid of all the stains and contaminants from the tiles.

  • Tile polishing:

    We use a highly efficient diamond disc polishing machine to give your tiles not just an ultra-shiny look but improved quality too. Polishing makes your tiles reflect more light hence reducing the appearance of scratches on the tiles. We cover tile polishing at a very affordable price under our tile and grout cleaning, Newport

  • Stone Grinding

    Grinding not just helps in getting rid of lippage but also brings out a new layer which is ultra-smooth and new. It thus helps remove all the scratches and impurities from the tiles.

  • Tile honing

    We give your tiles a satin free, velvety look which looks beautiful to the eyes. Honing the tiles gives them a very nice texture while maintaining the original look. Our experts have in depth knowledge about perfect tile honing procedure.

  • Efflorescence treatment

    Salt deposits on your tiles and grouts can make your home look dirty. Efflorescence deposits can be easily removed with the help of proper equipment and techniques. Our experts have a sound knowledge about the procedure and can give your tiles a look which not only feels new but fresh too.

Hence, My Home Tile Cleaner is your one stop destination for all kinds of services related to tile and grout cleaning, Newport. Give us a chance to impress you with our services and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Tile Stain Removal  Newport

Tile Stain Removal Newport

Satisfactory services at an affordable price:

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We value your hard earned money and try our best to serve you in a manner you will be happy paying for. We never compromise with the quality and use only best equipment along with Eco friendly chemicals to give your tiles a super clean look. 100 % customer satisfaction is what we aim for. We also charge a very nominal price for our services. Hence, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket while availing our services.

Types of tiles we clean

My Home Tile Cleaner is an expert in cleaning all types of tiles and grouts. These are some of the tiles we clean:-

  • Porcelain tiles.
  • Ceramic Tiles.
  • Quarry Tiles.
  • Mosaic tiles.
  • Granite tiles.
  • Marble tiles.
  • Slate tiles.
  • Travertine tiles.
  • Onyx tiles.
  • Sandstone tiles.

Give us a call now and get your tiles and grouts cleaned in no time. Make your home worth living and impress your guests with the cleanliness and shiny look of your tiles.

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Location: Newport, Victoria, Australia